Saturday, August 30, 2008

Artist addresses consumption…

Something Carrie said in class about statistics and numbers not meaning anything reminded me of this artist.  This is actually who I used as a precedent for my shadowbox last year, so some of you may have seen his work.  Chris Jordan's series called "Running the Numbers" looks at American consumption and actually translates those staggering statistics into something visual.  I think this is much more meaningful than just seeing the words on a page… quite powerful in my opinion.  Thoughts?
Hello all! Welcome to our 2008 blog. As the semester progresses, this is our forum for all things sustainable. I'll start by giving you a link to one of my favorite sites:

Also, we talked about the ecofootprint quiz. Here's the link: Take a few minutes and do your own. We'll take a few minutes in class on Wednesday to discuss where we all fell. I'm sure it will be surprising for most of you. Also, if you are not a native U.S. citizen, do your footprint for your native country as a comparison. It will be an interesting comparative.