Saturday, August 30, 2008

Artist addresses consumption…

Something Carrie said in class about statistics and numbers not meaning anything reminded me of this artist.  This is actually who I used as a precedent for my shadowbox last year, so some of you may have seen his work.  Chris Jordan's series called "Running the Numbers" looks at American consumption and actually translates those staggering statistics into something visual.  I think this is much more meaningful than just seeing the words on a page… quite powerful in my opinion.  Thoughts?


Carrie said...


I became familiar with Jordan's work last year while doing research for this class. Being a visual person, I think these images are very striking and demonstrate consumption unlike any statistic can. I would be very curious to see them in person. I think that we will begin to see many more contemporary artists taking on these issues in the future.

Robert B. said...

Very Cool!! This a very subtle way of getting the point across "very loud" The exhibit with the plastic bottles reminded me of a restaurant, I think in New York, that used recycled plastic bottles for partitions between dinning sections. It also reminded me of today's examples of system thinking and seeing the whole picture.
One cell phone being discarded doesn't tell the story, but 400,000 plus a day really makes one think twice about recycling that very 1 year "old" cell phone.
What are some examples of how to reuse objects such as cell phones, computers or printers that are so easily thrown out?