Saturday, September 13, 2008


From the ConservationEconomy website, I chose:
-Household Economies
-Cultural Diversity
Let's say there's a small rural town that has maintain its traditional culture, structures, business, etc., and has reached national attention as a tourist attraction its preservation. A need to preserve the cultural diversity because of their knowledge of the land, it's ability to self-sustained, but primarily respecting its right as a culture to survive in regards to equality. This in turn, is supported by ecotourism, which is the preservation of original culture and environment in regards to tourist revenues. This is an example of Positive Feedback Loop by maintaining a specific culture helps its economy. Let's also say that our favorite candy, Reese's, was building a factory near the town. This has brought a decrease in tourism due proximity to the town and the air quality in the region has decreased as well. People in the town are now working in the factory and leaving their traditional ways of living. In regards to household economics, If we know that the candy comes from that factory, and we buy it, it is a shift from our values (slowly diminishing the town's culture) of what we feel is right. Does this then show a negative negative feedback (the growth of the factory thrives, the less the town thrives)?

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