Thursday, September 11, 2008

On a side note from class... Does anyone have any non-chain local stores that they really enjoy? I realized that I don't know many, especially near the university.


Robert B. said...

Hey, if you want to drive out of the University area into the country, there is a store, The Bradford Store, on Davidson Hwy (Hwy 73) between Huntersville and Concord that has locally and regionally grown fruits and vegetables, jams, sauces, books, you name it. They also have a rebuilt barn that houses many odds and ends from local blacksmiths, arts and crafts, etc. here is the website:

Its pretty easy to get to. Just take I-85 N to Poplar Tent Rd. (turn left) stay on poplar tent for 5-7 miles. (turn left) @ Hwy 73 Davidson Hwy. The Bradford Store is about 2 miles up on the left.

Trust me... you'll enjoy it.


Anitha D said...

There is a Farmer's Market near the old Coliseum near Tvyola Road (on Yorkmont Road). There are local vendors/farmers that sell the week's crops (vegetables, fruits, etc.)

CleverName said...
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Marshall said...

I haven't found any good/convenient places for groceries, but there are several restaurants and galleries in NoDa that are good for food and gifts. Cabo Fish Taco, Solstice, and Canvas Monkey are my favorites.

There are actually a lot of really good locally owned restaurants in Charlotte now that I think about it… unfortunately very few are in the University Area.